Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remember... Memorize...& Forget
Someone use blog as an online diary to keep their thoughts, their feelings.
Somebody use 'Facebook', 'Bebo'... to keep the world remembering of their appearance, their present.
Some use cell fone to memorize.
I could be in that rare group.
I like to look at old text message and recall the memory. Sometimes, I delete messages of reminding, working, task, appointments to save some place in my fone memory for 'so-called unimportant' messages.
I still keep his messages for more than 2 years. Although I have changed my cell fone, I still keep the old one which has all his texts. I smile at some and cry while reading some.
It has been 2 years already. I can't remember his face, his smell clearly. Or maybe I try to forget all of them. He left me behind. Only thing that belongs to him is his messages. They remind me of his voice, his favourites. They reminds me that he was to be.

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