Friday, June 26, 2009


'IS IT LOVE?'. Your heart beats extremely fast, your hand is sweaty and you talk like a stutterer. You may just like not love. You can not keep your eyes and hands away from someone. It may not love but lust. You are eager and proud to show someone to your friends. Well, it could be just your luck, not love. You want someone because you know they will be with you. It is because you are lonely. You come to someone because you know that what they want. It is your faithfulness not your love. You can not leave someone because you don't want to hurt them. So that is from your pity. You forgive their fault besause you care for them. This is friendship not love. You tell them that they are the first one you think of everyday. You just lie. You are willing to give them what you like for their benefit. You are simply kind.
You feel painful when you see them cry. You love them. You stay right next to them because you want to share every moment of your life with them. You are in love. And you are willing to give them your heart, your life and your death. You love them.
True love is really hard to achieve but there are many feeling "so-called love" existing. Like someone say you have to kiss many frogs before your prince ( or maybe princess).