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With one word,you can have this world. But with this word, you can lose everything. With it, you can do whatever you want and become whoever you like. With it, you can abolish anything that you wish it would not happened. However, you can feel regret at what you did with this word. What is that word,anyway? What is the word that can make the dream, the desire come true? What is this word that can also turn everything into nothing? It is simply "If".Just with "If", there are a lot of supposition given and a lot of happening followed. We have no idea why people have created "if". Maybe, it gives them a chance to dream, to hope and to believe. Meanwhile, "If" eventually can make them feel regretful after all when they think about what they have done. But I'm not tend to find out what happened in the past with our ancestors. My point is to let everyone know about the true meaning of "If" and somehow help our to figure out a way to live successfully. Actually, you may notice that "If" clause sometimes just appears in our statement. It doesn't exist in past, present and even future. Although this is the true, people can not cross out "If" in their sentences of life. So, WHY DOES "IF" APPEAR?
Maybe, we just hold the BIG question for a little bit later. Let's just see what we can do with "If" in some of my stories. My friend told me that there is a pretty funny statement in French. It's like " With 'If', you can put Paris into a bottle"( very sure that my friend is total French). Personally, this is quite riddiculous. However, we don't know what will happen tomorrow. C'est la vie! Also, people always want to be incredible to do everything. Once, I asked my friend Alev what she would do if she could become anything she likes. Surprisingly, this question took her fancy. She wanted to become:
If I could become a month, I would be January Because it's a new beginning. If I could become a day of week, I would be Friday Because I could work and play for the rest of the day and wake up late tomorrow. If I could become an object, I would be a shoe Because shoes have to be in pair, right! If I could become a vegie, I would be tomato Because tomato is still tomato even being read back to front. If I could become an element, I would be O2 Because everyone must breath to live. If I could become a kind of liquid, I would be water Because it's essential for the life. If I could be a plant, I would be a cactus Because it can bring green living to every desert.
She gave me a list! How about you with this word "If"?
With "If" you can make a world by yourself. And with this word, you also lose your important things. It is a story of two sprouts. Once, a sprout wanted to shoot from the top soil. But, its friend did not like this idea and it thought how dangerous the world above the top soil is. It could be stepped on or pulled up. Inside the soil, it can be protected and kept warm. Because of these thinkings, it remained sleeping in the ground and saw its friend growing from the top soil. One day, a hen went to the garden. It searched for food and it found the sprout. Of course, you can guess the rest. The point is " don't raise hens in free range". I'm just kidding. Sometimes, people give themselves many questions about future and become hesitative. In fact, being careful is quite good. However, the point is we cannot predict the result while we haven't done anything in present. In real life, chance hardly turns up twice. We have to take it as possible as we can. In spite of some unsuccess, we at least can learn from what we fail.
Back to our BIG question " WHY DOES 'IF' APPEAR ?"
What are you going to do with "If"? I guess it is like a wish or a chance or a "time -machine". For instance, when you got a bad mark in the exam, you thought that it would had been better if having been re-done. When you made a mistake while working, you wish that you had a chance to make it perfect. When you made your boyfriend or girlfriend hurt, you wish that you haven't had done this. Let's think the realistic case of "If". Do you think that it is possible to go back into time and fix your mistakes? Some people like to live with past, some live in supposition, other live realistically. Personally, I don't believe in supposition or 'If' clause. I think of the past but not living with the past. I have read an interesting book which focuses on helping reader to live better. The author suggests his readers to keep their past, present and future seperately, keep past and future aside and just live for present. Because past can not be changed and future can not be reliable, why we have to worried about these 'mission impossible'. Only present is what we live in and we can use lesson from past to do for present and get better for future. We can do our best to make our dream come true or repair everything perfectly for future and we don't need to use 'If'. So, what is the meaning for the appearance of 'If'?
Everytime you give yourselves a thought of 'If', you actually acknowledge your mistakes. As a result, you can prevent them or even improve them in future. 'If' gives you time to look at yourselves and find out your true-self in this life.
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