Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Have you ever been in autumn of north Vietnam ? I love the way that the autumn wind of my hometown blows in everything of nature. It dyes all natural-beings in completely different colours.
When the autumn comes, the sky turns into such a pure blue that you may think that you can dive into. The dark heavy cloud of the summer rain has to yield to the white soft "candy floss" of the autumn. When the wind blows, you can feel a cool and fresh air replacing for the hot and muggy afternoons of summer. The sun is just a soft light It shines the golden leaves falling down. I just wondered it is because of the colour of the sun on the leaves or the leaves lifting up the sunlight. Fall is not cold and cheerless like Winter, hot and muggy like Summer or limp and listless like Spring, but mild and pure. In Fall, i love diving in the deep blue sky, following the strip of sunlight, tasting the smell of falling leaves mixing with soil, breathing the fresh air in the early morning. Have you ever try all these before? If yes, you can understand how addictive they are. If not yet, you just simply give them a try otherwise you would miss the precious present of nature.